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Chemical Compound Review

Allergen     4-benzhydryloxy-1-methyl- piperidine

Synonyms: Belfene, Hispril, Histryl, Hystryl, Lergobine, ...
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Disease relevance of Diafen


Psychiatry related information on Diafen

  • For asthmatics, this is often allergen avoidance, but for patients with COPD the usual inciting factor is cigarette smoking, thereby making smoking cessation the necessary first step [6].
  • Determinants of patient compliance with allergen immunotherapy [7].
  • CONCLUSION: These results demonstrate that activating defense mechanisms of plants may considerably increase their allergen content [8].
  • Rather, factors associated with the lifestyle of populations or families, such as socioeconomic status, allergen exposure, sibship size, early childhood infections, dietary habits, and growing up in anthroposophic families or a farming environment, may prove to be of greater relevance [9].
  • Although the factors of allergen exposure and hygiene are almost certainly necessary for its development, there is a growing body of literature that implicates lifestyle change, specifically decreased physical activity, as a contributor to the increase in asthma prevalence and severity [10].

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