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On the morphology of the Golgi apparatus and its relation to glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in neurosecretory nuclei of rats under normal and thirsting conditions (application of karyometry).

Histochemical studies on the distribution of TPPase and G6PD in SON and PVN of rats have been conducted by using the new TPPase method, karyometry, and statistics under normal and thirsting conditions. All differences in nuclear volume among the 4 groups classified by the TPPase and G6PD reactions were significant after thirsting for 2 and 4 days, respectively. The intimate parallel relationship was found statistically between the GA shape and G6PD activity in neurons of both nuclei. These results may substantiate the usefulness of classification of neurons of both nuclei. These results may substantiate the usefulness of classification of neurons by the TPPase method on the LM level. They also suggest strongly that the GA shape may directly indicate its synthesizing activity, and that the complicate GA shape may correspond to the phase of vigorous synthesizing activity in the neuron. Both nuclei included some neurons whose GA appeared intact under activation. This suggests that secretory cycles of individual cells may proceed asynchromously under thirsting as well as normal conditions. The unique peak revealed by the curves of mean nuclear volumes of GA Type IV and G6PD. strongly positive groups only in PVN must be representative of phenomenon of exhaustion of PVN.[1]


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