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Salicylhydroxamic acid potentiates germination of 'Waldmann's Green' lettuce seed.

A combination of salicylhydroxamic acid (SHAM) + cyanide (CN) is known to stimulate dark germination of Lactuca sativa L. seeds. Further studies were done to characterize SHAM and CN action in stimulating dark germination of lettuce seed. Germination was stimulated slightly by either SHAM or CN, whereas when SHAM and CN were combined germination was greatly enhanced. Treatment of seeds with SHAM + CN only during the first 8 hours of hydration stimulated germination as much as did treatment for 72 hours. During the first 8 hours of incubation in SHAM + CN, potentiation (i.e. domancy-breaking) of germination occurs. SHAM alone stimulated potentiation nearly to the level of SHAM + CN but inhibited subsequent radicle elongation, thereby decreasing germination when present for 72 hours. Oxygen must be present for SHAM or SHAM + CN to potentiate dark germination. The ability of SHAM and SHAM + CN to potentiate germination is influenced by O2 concentration and the timing of chemical treatment.[1]


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