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SGN-10. Seattle Genetics.

Seattle Genetics is developing SGN-10 (BR96-SCIT), a single-chain immunotoxin (SCIT) under license from Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), as both a monotherapy and in combination with Taxotere (Rhône-Poulenc Rorer) for the potential treatment for cancer [308773]. SGN-10 is currently in phase I clinical trials [308773], [369809], [382807], [408963], [410348]. The compound is a follow-up to SGN-15 (BR96-DOX; BMS) and is potentially more effective and cheaper to manufacture. It delivers a bacterial toxin which is 250-times more potent than BR96-DOX and is one third the size, hence enabling tumor penetration more easily. BMS submitted an IND for SGN-10 in the first quarter of 1996 [200849], [204704]. BMS licensed the SCA-protein (single-chain antigen-binding protein) technology from Enzon in 1993 [352743]. In April 1998, Seattle Genetics completed a licensing agreement with BMS to take over development of SGN-10 [308773].[1]


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