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Oxidation of chlorophenols in soil at natural pH by catalyzed hydrogen peroxide: the effect of soil organic matter.

This investigation reports on the effects of soil organic matter (SOM) during the oxidation of chlorophenols with Fe2+-catalyzed H2O2 (Fenton oxidation) system. The soil pH was 7.1 and was not altered. Sorption experiments of soil pre-treated under various oxidation conditions were performed. Concentrations of organic matter in the liquid phase and soil before and after oxidation were analyzed. The results were correlated to the observation in batch Fenton oxidation tests. They showed that the oxidation of chlorophenols at natural soil pH depended on the dose of H2O2 and Fe2+. The soil organic content did not vary significantly after various Fenton treatments, while the sorption of chlorophenols was 10-25% less by the oxidation. The concentration of chlorophenols in the liquid phase exhibited a "decrease and rebound" phenomenon in the batch Fenton oxidation tests. It appeared that the oxidation of SOM resulted in the release of sorbed chlorophenols which were then oxidized by the excess H2O2. An "oxidation-desorption-oxidation" scheme was proposed to describe one of the interaction mechanisms among the oxidant, SOM, and chlorophenols during oxidation.[1]


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