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Driving accident frequency increased in patients with multiple sclerosis.

OBJECTIVES: To assess the influence of multiple sclerosis ( MS) on the ability to drive safely. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A 10-year historical cohort register-study on 197 patients with MS and 545 controls individually matched on age, gender, place of residence, and exposure period. Persons with other neurological diseases, diabetes or abuse were excluded. The outcome measure was treatment at the emergency department after accident as a car driver. RESULTS: Five patients and four controls had been treated, the rate per 1000 person-years with exposure being 3.4 times higher (CI 0.73-17.15) in the patients than in the control cohort. The difference is significant in one-sided test (P=0.04). CONCLUSION: Drivers with MS were treated more often than healthy controls at a casualty department after having a road traffic accident. However, drastic consequences regarding the patients automobile driving should be avoided until these results have been substantiated by further investigations.[1]


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