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Accidents, Traffic

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Disease relevance of Accidents, Traffic


Psychiatry related information on Accidents, Traffic

  • Compulsory notification appeared to result in the identification of epilepsy as the important medical reason for controlling licenses, but failed to recognise sleep disorders or alcoholism, both more significant causes of traffic accidents [6].

High impact information on Accidents, Traffic

  • Additional studies are needed both to elucidate the association between cocaine use and these fatalities and to determine the value of screening persons seriously injured in traffic accidents in areas where such drug use is endemic [7].
  • We also describe 5 subjects involved in road traffic accidents in whom MDMA was identified [8].
  • METHODS: Thirteen consecutive patients with PAOD were examined (clinical stage according to Fontaine II, three patients; III, three patients, and IV, seven patients) and compared with five age-matched control patients who had been in traffic accidents [9].
  • OBJECTIVES: Insulin-treated patients with diabetes are at a higher risk than the general population in causing traffic accidents due to hypoglycaemias [10].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Alcohol intake is a major risk factor for severe injuries from highway traffic accidents [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Accidents, Traffic

  • We evaluated severity of head injury by Marshall score [a classification scale of intracranial pathology on head computed axial tomogram (CT)], and blood-alcohol concentration (BAC), while controlling for crash characteristics [traffic accident deformity score (TAD) and belt use] [12].

Biological context of Accidents, Traffic

  • The data on RTA, injuries and fatalities was obtained from the Traffic Department of the Ministry of Interior, Supreme Council for Planning and Ministry of Public Health. The major cause of traffic accidents in Qatar was careless driving (71%) [13].

Anatomical context of Accidents, Traffic

  • We present an unusual pattern of injury of a pure lateral flexion distraction fracture of the T12 vertebra with no posterior element disruption following a blow to the right torso to a passenger in a road traffic accident [14].

Associations of Accidents, Traffic with chemical compounds


Gene context of Accidents, Traffic

  • Imported strains of MRSA, often introduced following the repatriation of road traffic accident victims, may include strains with epidemic potential and local spread has followed importation in at least two incidents [20].
  • Rupture was described in three cases of PRCC (8.3%): it was spontaneous in two cases and resulted from a traffic accident in the third [21].
  • Here we report the first assessment of human brain flavin-containing monooxygenase from tissues obtained at autopsy from seven traffic accident victims [22].
  • For this purpose we measured AChE activity in CSF in 30 samples from fresh bodies autopsied after traffic accidents and in six after poisoning with organophosphorous insecticides [23].
  • CONCLUSION: Drivers with MS were treated more often than healthy controls at a casualty department after having a road traffic accident [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Accidents, Traffic


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