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Randomized pilot study of nimesulide treatment in Alzheimer's disease.

BACKGROUND: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) may be useful in the treatment of AD. Clinical and laboratory experience with nimesulide, an NSAID with preferential cyclooxygenase-2 inhibition, suggests that it may be a good candidate for AD therapy. METHODS: This pilot study investigated the clinical feasibility of nimesulide treatment in AD. Forty persons with probable AD, most of whom were taking cholinesterase inhibitors, were enrolled in a randomized, controlled, parallel-group trial designed to assess tolerability and short-term cognitive/behavioral effects of nimesulide. In the initial 12-week double-blind phase, participants were treated with nimesulide 100 mg by mouth twice daily or matching placebo; during the second 12-week phase all participants received active drug. Participants who tolerated the drug well and perceived benefit were invited to continue open-label nimesulide treatment. RESULTS: Short-term therapy with nimesulide, compared with placebo, had no significant effect on total assessment scores of measures of cognition, clinical status, activities of daily living, affect, and behavior. Long-term therapy was well tolerated for periods exceeding 2 years. CONCLUSION: These findings support the feasibility of nimesulide therapy in AD; assessment of efficacy will require a larger, long-term treatment study.[1]


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