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Identification of human L-fucose kinase amino acid sequence.

Fucose is a major component of complex carbohydrates. L-Fucose kinase (fucokinase) takes part in the salvage pathway for reutilization of fucose from the degradation of oligosaccharides. The amino acid sequence of human fucokinase was derived from a cDNA encoding a protein of hitherto unidentified function. Human fucokinase polypeptide chain consists of 990 amino acids with a predicted molecular mass of 107 kDa. The C-terminal part of its amino acid sequence showed sequence motifs typical for sugar kinases. Fucokinase full-length protein and a deletion mutant lacking the first 363 amino acids of the N-terminus were expressed in Escherichia coli BL21 cells. Both proteins displayed fucokinase activity. These results reveal that the discovered cDNA encodes the fucokinase protein and they confirm that a functional kinase domain is located in the C-terminal part of the enzyme.[1]


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