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Regulation of the Gts1p level by the ubiquitination system to maintain metabolic oscillations in the continuous culture of yeast.

Yeast cells exhibit sustained ultradian oscillations of energy metabolism in coupling with cell cycle and stress resistance oscillations in continuous culture. We have reported that the rhythmic expression of Gts1p is important for the maintenance of ultradian rhythms. Structurally, Gts1p contains sequence motifs similar to N-degron and the ubiquitin association domain, raising the possibility that the Gts1p level is regulated by degradation via ubiquitination. When the lysine residue at the putative ubiquitination site of the N-degron was substituted with arginine, both the protein level and half-life of mutant Gts1p increased. During continuous culture, the protein level of the mutant Gts1p was elevated and did not fluctuate, leading to the disappearance of metabolic oscillation within a day. Furthermore, using three Gts1ps containing mutations in the ubiquitin association domain, we showed that the lower the binding activity of the mutant Gts1ps for polyubiquitin in vitro, the higher the protein level in vivo. Expression of the mutant Gts1ps in the continuous culture resulted in an increase in Gts1p and early loss of the oscillation. Therefore, Gts1p is degraded through conjugation with ubiquitin, and the UBA domain promoted the degradation of ubiquitinated Gts1p, causing a fluctuation in protein level, which is required for the maintenance of metabolic oscillations.[1]


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