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The role of fat and cholecystokinin in functional dyspepsia.

The main factors involved in the pathophysiology of fat induced dyspepsia were investigated by reviewing a series of controlled double blind randomised studies which sought to determine the role of nutrient fat and the postprandial release of cholecystokinin (CCK) in the development of dyspeptic symptoms in healthy volunteers and in patients with functional dyspepsia. The studies showed that during distension of the stomach, lipids are a major trigger of dyspeptic symptoms such as nausea, bloating, pain, and fullness, and that they modulate upper gastrointestinal sensations and symptoms in a dose related fashion. CCK is a major mediator of the sensitisation of gastric perception by lipids in patients with functional dyspepsia as the CCK-A receptor antagonist dexloxiglumide markedly diminishes this effect. The studies provide important insights into the mechanisms underlying gastrointestinal perception in response to fat and the role of CCK in patients with functional dyspepsia.[1]


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