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Charge-transfer phenomena in novel, dual-component, sugar-based organogels.

The synthesis of a new saccharide-based gelator (2) containing a donor moiety has been described. Gelation experiments of a dual-component gel consisting of a saccharide-based gelator bearing an acceptor group (1) and of 2 have been performed in a variety of organic solvents and water. Moreover, gelation tests at different molar ratios of 1 and 2 have been performed in water, octanol, and diphenyl ether. In these last two solvents a gel color change was observed, from colorless to yellow, upon cooling of the sample to room temperature. This phenomenon was further investigated by UV-visible spectroscopy, which revealed the presence of charge-transfer interactions in the gel, in octanol. Temperature-dependence UV spectroscopy confirmed that such interactions occur in the gel but not in the corresponding solution sample. Furthermore, T(gel) measurements show that dual-component gels of 1 and 2 present increased thermal stability at a 50:50 ratio of the two gelators, in dependence of the solvent. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images of the single-component gels in diphenyl ether revealed that they consist of a fibrous network, while the dual-component gel presents a novel, helical, fibrous-bundle structure.[1]


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