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Esterase-7, a common constituent of numerous mouse tissues.

1. Electrophoretic and staining techniques for the relatively specific demonstration of esterase-7 in mouse tissues are described. Esterase-7 was found to be a common constituent of most mouse tissues. 2. The electrophoretic polymorphisms determined by three alleles a, b and c were studied in nine mouse strains. 3. The banding pattern of esterase-7 is being described and the isoelectric points of the allelic bands are being estimated. 4. Recombination studies on a further 129 animals confirmed that the Es-7 locus is tightly linked to Es-2 and Es-11. 5. Esterase-7 precipitates with antiesterase-2 from the rabbit. 6. It differs from esterase-2 by its individual substrate preference and by its susceptibility to inhibition by acylating agents.[1]


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