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Trax is a component of the Translin-containing RNA binding complex.

Translin is a nucleic acid binding protein that has been implicated in regulating the targeting and translation of dendritic RNA. In previous studies, we found that Translin and its partner protein, Trax, are components of a gel-shift complex that is highly enriched in brain extracts. In those studies, we employed a DNA oligonucleotide, GS1, as a probe to label the complex. Translin has also been identified as a component of a gel-shift complex detected using an RNA oligonucleotide probe, derived from the 3' UTR of protamine-2 mRNA. Although we had assumed that these probes labeled the same complex, recent studies indicate that association of Trax with Translin suppresses its RNA binding activity. As these findings challenge this assumption and suggest that the native RNA binding complex does not contain Trax, we have re-examined this issue. We have found that the gel-shift complexes labeled with either GS1 or protamine-2 probes are "supershifted" by addition of Trax antibodies, indicating that both are heteromeric Translin/Trax complexes. In addition, cross-competition studies provide additional evidence that these probes label the same complex. Furthermore, analysis of recombinant Translin/Trax complexes generated by co-transfection of Trax with Translin in hEK293T demonstrates that they are labeled with either probe. Although recombinant Translin forms a homomeric nucleic acid binding complex in vitro, our findings indicate that both Trax and Translin are components of the native gel-shift complex labeled with either GS1 or protamine-2 probes.[1]


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