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Analysis of six relevant toxaphene congeners in biological samples using ion trap MS/MS.

The quantification of six polychlorinated bornanes (CHBs) was studied using ion trap MS/MS. The significance of the selection of parent ions (Ip) and daughter ions (Id) on the detection of these toxaphene congeners was assessed in standard solution and biological samples. Our results indicate that different Ip and Id, selected at either low or high mass-to-charge (m/z) ratios, influence drastically the response factor of the CHBs and the chemical noise observed. For the octachlorinated toxaphene congeners (Parlar-26 (P-26), Parlar-40/41 (P-40/41), Parlar-44 (P-44)), the detection performance of the ion trap MS/MS is similar whether Ip and Id were chosen at low or high m/z ratios. However, the selection of Ip and Id at high m/z ratios clearly enhances the detection of the nonachlorinated toxaphene congeners (Parlar-50 (P-50), Parlar-62 (P-62)). The improved method, which selects Ip and Id at low m/z ratios for P-26, P-40/41 and P-44 and at high m/z ratios for P-50 and P-62, permitted to obtain low detection limits as well as repeatable and accurate results.[1]


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