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A model of cell cycle control: effects of thymidine on synchronous cell cultures.

Further evidence is presented in support of a model for growth control in which commitment for cell division is determined by an event in the preceding cell cycle. A study was made of conditions affecting synchronous growth following treatment of murine mastocytoma cells with excess thymidine at different phases of the cell cycle. Cells were synchronized by a physical procedure involving velocity sedimentation in a zonal rotor. Pulse treatment of such cultures with thymidine at times corresponding to the S, G2, and M periods had no effect on further growth. However, addition at G1, although having no immediate effect, arrested cell growth in the next cell cycle. This temporal effect may account for the decay of synchrony observed during double thymidine blockade or thymidine-FUdR blockade. When the time interval between two such blocks was 7 hr or less, P815Y cells were arrested after one synchronous division. At this critical time a majority of cells were at, or near, G1. It is suggested that thymidine exerts a hitherto unrecognized effect at the G1 interval.[1]


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