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A novel cyclic octapeptide as an analogue of cyclic peptide in triostin A.

This paper reported an ongoing study of cyclic peptides as carriers of potential anti-tumor agents. In an effort to carry out anti-cancer drug design, we synthesized another novel cyclic peptide as the analogue of the cyclic peptide in Triostin A. The linear peptide chains were synthesized by coupling protected amino acid residues according to Pfp/ DCC methods (Pfp: Pentafluorophenol, DCC: N,N'-Dicyclohexyl-carbodiimide) in solution. After deblocking the Boc- group of the linear octapeptide chain, the cyclic product was achieved by employing diphenylphosphoryl azide (DPPA) as cyclic agent at low temperature in DMF. Further study on cyclic octapeptide-drug conjugates is in progress.[1]


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