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Protection against UVB irradiation by natural filters extracted from lichens.

Natural substances extracted from lichens and boldo tree were tested in vivo and in vitro as possible UV-light filters. The protection factors were compared with that found for the references: Nivea sun Spray LSF 5, octylmethoxycinnamate (OMC) and 4-tert.-butyl-4'-methoxy dibenzoylmethane (BM-DBM). The stability of the single compounds was studied through UV-Vis spectroscopy. Usnic acid resulted to be the best UVB filter, with an in vivo protection factor similar to Nivea sun Spray LSF 5. Most of the single compounds studied in vitro resulted to have higher or similar filtering power than octylmethoxycinnamate. The protection factors as well as the good UV-light absorption of their photo-products suggest that these natural substances may be useful as new filters in sun-screen preparations.[1]


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