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Toxicity of 1,4-dichlorobenzene in sediments to juvenile polychaete worms.

Investigation of sediment contamination associated with a marine sewage outfall in Victoria (BC, Canada) found elevated concentrations of 1,4-dichlorobenzene (1,4-DCB). Juvenile polychaete worm (Neanthes) growth was significantly reduced at or near the outfall, roughly corresponding to elevated 1,4-DCB concentrations. There are few data on 1,4-DCB toxicity to marine organisms and no published literature on its toxicity to benthic marine organisms. To determine whether reduced polychaete growth (measured as dry weight) was due to 1,4-DCB exposure, a laboratory investigation was conducted. Uncontaminated marine sediment was spiked with 1,4-DCB and juvenile Neanthes were exposed in 20-d sublethal toxicity tests. There were no adverse effects on survival at any test concentration; mean survival was 80-100%. Statistically significant decreases in average dry weight only occurred at the highest 1,4-DCB concentration (19,900 microg/kg, dry weight); this represented a 1,4-DCB concentration more than 10 times higher than previously measured at the outfall (1,710 microg/kg, dry weight). There were no adverse effects on survival or dry weight at the range of concentrations previously measured in sediments from the vicinity of the outfall.[1]


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