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Picture archiving and fundus imaging in a glaucoma clinic.

Ophthalmological image archiving and distribution can be automated using a picture archiving and communication system (PACS). A fundus PACS has been in clinical use since February 2000 at the ophthalmology clinic of Tampere University Hospital. It consists of a digital fundus camera, an imaging workstation, from which new patients can be added to the archive, 10 viewing stations and an image archive server. In glaucoma imaging, the fundus images taken from a patient are transferred from the imaging workstation to the image archive server and are then immediately available from the physician's viewing workstation; the transfer time of an average image, of 350 kbit, is 0.0035 s, even though the archive is located 5 km away. After 18 months of operation there were over 16,000 images archived; these took 5.3 GByte of a total storage capacity of 41.9 GByte. The network and archive server achieved 99% reliability in use. Digital imaging makes it possible to shift ophthalmology clinics towards more patient-oriented treatment procedures.[1]


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