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Retinoic acid increases expression of the calcium-binding protein S100P in human gastric cancer cells.

Retinoids mediate a wide spectrum of antitumor activities through induction of growth arrest, differentiation or apoptosis. To determine whether the effects of retinoids are mediated by specific gene activation or repression, one-day treatments of SC-M1 CL23 gastric cancer cells with vehicle alone or all-TRANS retinoic acid (tRA) (10 microM) were compared using differential display analysis. A 432-bp cDNA fragment from the tRA-treated cells was differentially amplified and its sequence analysis indicated homology with the calcium-binding protein S100P. Levels of S100P mRNA were increased 3.5-fold in SC-M1 CL23 gastric cancer cells treated with 10 microM tRA for 1 day, and the regulation was time- and concentration-dependent. Treatment with tRA (10 microM) also increased S100P mRNA levels in tRA-sensitive HtTA cells but not in inherent RA-resistant TMC-1 cells. However, the tRA-mediated increase in S100P expression was maintained in SC-M1/R cells that were established long-term in tRA-containing medium and had acquired partial RA resistance to tRA-induced growth suppression. In conclusion, tRA increases S100P expression, and the regulation remains intact in cells which develop acquired RA resistance.[1]


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