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Ten novel Diamond-Blackfan anemia mutations and three polymorphisms within the rps19 gene.

INTRODUCTION: A total of 25% of patients presenting with Diamond-Blackfan anemia (DBA) carry mutations in the rps19 gene, which encodes protein RPS19 of the small ribosomal subunit. The other DBA cases carry mutations in other, unknown gene(s). MATERIALS AND METHODS: We searched mutations in 48 DBA families or isolated patients based on PCR of exons of the rps19 gene and automatic sequencing. We also studied three novel intronic polymorphisms in 85 persons (most of the patients and their relatives, when the latter could be investigated). RESULTS: We identified 10 new mutations within the rps19 gene. We found no obvious correlation between the clinical expression and the nature of the mutation. Besides, we found three polymorphisms within the rps19 gene. Polymorphisms a, b and c were (i) a one-base insertion (+c at position +79) in intron 2, (ii) the g-->c substitution at position +89 also in intron 2 and (iii) the g-->a substitution at position +14 in intron 4. Inheritance studies showed that the polymorphisms were transmitted en bloc, thus defining the --- haplotypes (changes absent) and the +++ haplotypes (changes present). The percentages of each haplotype were about 50% in families and isolated persons with DBA, as well as in controls. CONCLUSION: For the 10 novel mutations found in the rps19 gene, there were no obvious genotype-phenotype correlations. The transmission of the polymorphisms was en bloc and the studies did not suggest any clinical correlates at this stage.[1]


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