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DSP1 interacts with bicoid for knirps enhancement.

DSP1 is an HMG-box protein which has been implicated in the regulation of homeotic genes in Drosophila melanogaster. Here we report that DSP1 is also involved in the regulation of the kni gap gene. Analysis of the phenotype of a null mutation of dsp1 (dsp1(1)) reveals that the absence of maternal DSP1 results in A4 segmentation defects that are correlated with a diminution of the kni expression domain. Genetic interaction studies demonstrate that a bcd mutation enhances the A4 defect of dsp1(1). We present in vitro and in vivo evidences for a direct interaction between DSP1 and Bicoid, mediated by the BCD homeodomain and the HMG box of DSP1. Finally, we show by immunoprecipitation of cross-linked chromatin the association of DSP1 with the kni- regulating region and discuss the potential mechanism of DSP1- mediated activation of kni.[1]


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