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Genes, Homeobox

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Disease relevance of Genes, Homeobox


High impact information on Genes, Homeobox

  • Fab-7 is a PRE-containing regulatory element from the homeotic gene Abdominal-B [6].
  • These reproductive homeobox on the X chromosome (Rhox) genes are expressed in a cell type-specific manner; several are hormonally regulated, and their expression pattern during postnatal testis development corresponds to their chromosomal position [7].
  • The unsuspected additional role of WUS in regulating floral homeotic gene expression supports the hypothesis that floral patterning uses a general meristem patterning system that was present before flowers evolved [8].
  • The Polycomb group (PcG) genes are required for maintenance of homeotic gene repression during development [9].
  • Early specification of limb muscle precursor cells by the homeobox gene Lbx1h [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Genes, Homeobox

  • Protein transduction domains (PTDs), such as the third helix of the Drosophila Antennapedia homeobox gene (Antp) and the HIV TAT PTD, possess a characteristic positive charge on the basis of their enrichment for arginine and lysine residues [11].

Biological context of Genes, Homeobox


Anatomical context of Genes, Homeobox


Associations of Genes, Homeobox with chemical compounds

  • Sevenless, a cell-specific homeotic gene of Drosophila, encodes a putative transmembrane receptor with a tyrosine kinase domain [21].
  • Differential activation of Xenopus homeo box genes by mesoderm-inducing growth factors and retinoic acid [22].
  • The absence of an identifiable transcription factor motif (e.g., homeo box, zinc finger, leucine zipper, or helix-loop-helix) makes runt different from the other early-acting segmentation proteins [23].
  • Mice with 50% Pdx1, a homeobox gene critical for pancreatic development, had worsening glucose tolerance with age and reduced insulin release in response to glucose, KCl, and arginine from the perfused pancreas [24].
  • The translated fusion product is comprised of most of the 5' end of the adjacent PPi-dependent fructose 6-phosphate phosphotransferase (PFP) transcript spliced in-frame to coding position 64 of the TKn2 transcript, leaving the TKn2 homeobox intact [25].

Gene context of Genes, Homeobox

  • The Polycomb group (Pc-G) proteins are responsible for keeping developmental regulators, like homeotic genes, stably and inheritably repressed during Drosophila development [26].
  • The homeotic gene Ultrabithorax (Ubx), located in the bithorax complex of Drosophila, encodes a family of closely related proteins that direct the developmental fates of posterior thoracic and anterior abdominal metameres [27].
  • The protein binds tightly to sequences near its own promoter and near the P1 promoter of Antenna-pedia (Antp), a homeotic gene Ubx is known to repress from genetic studies [27].
  • Thus, the ability of different homeotic genes to specify distinct segmental patterns may depend on cooperative interactions with proteins such as exd that selectively modulate their otherwise similar DNA binding specificities [28].
  • Axis specification in the developing Drosophila appendage: the role of wingless, decapentaplegic, and the homeobox gene aristaless [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Genes, Homeobox

  • Cloning and sequence analysis of agamous suggest that it encodes a protein with a high degree of sequence similarity to the DNA-binding region of transcription factors from yeast and humans and to the product of a homeotic gene from Antirrhinum [30].
  • The construction of a full-length cDNA by RT-PCR confirmed the presence of a homeo box in the GL2 gene and showed that it is substantially different from other recently cloned homeo box genes in plants [31].
  • In situ hybridization analysis shows that this mutation leads to increased expression of the carpel-determining homeotic gene AGAMOUS (AG) in the mutant ovules [32].
  • In an attempt to identify additional beta-cell homeodomain proteins, we designed primers based on the sequences of beta-cell homeobox genes cdx3 and lmx1 and the Drosophila homeodomain protein Antennapedia and used these primers to amplify inserts by PCR from an insulinoma cDNA library [33].
  • Heterogenetic transplantation and mutant analysis show that the activity of the homeotic genes Ubx or abd-A is required for the expression of the abdominal variant of the lineage [34].


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