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Stimulation of hepatic protein synthesis in response to Mikania cordata root extract in carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity in mice.

The effect of Mikania Cordata root extract was evaluated on the rate of hepatic protein synthesis in vivo in CCl4-induced liver damage. Pretreatment with the root extract (100 mg/kg, once daily for successive 5 days) showed a marked enhancement in the levels of hepatic DNA, RNA and protein content that were adversely affected with CCl4 treatment in the experimental mice. Increase in the total protein mass, fractional rate of protein synthesis (% of protein synthesized/day), total rate of protein synthesis (fractional rate x protein mass), ribosomal capacity (RNA/protein), ribosomal efficiency (rate/ribosome) and high turnover rate of protein (protein/DNA) in response to the pretreatment of the root extract in hepatic tissue indicated the tissue repair leading to a functional improvement of the hepatocytes that were disorganised with CCl4 intoxication.[1]


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