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A sub-50meV spectrometer and energy filter for use in combination with 200kV monochromated (S)TEMs.

A high-energy resolution post-column spectrometer for the purpose of electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and energy-filtered TEM in combination with a monochromated (S)TEM is presented. The prism aberrations were corrected up to fourth order using multipole elements improving the electron optical energy resolution and increasing the acceptance of the spectrometer for a combination of object area and collection angles. Electronics supplying the prism, drift tube, high-tension reference and critical lenses have been newly designed such that, in combination with the new electron optics, a sub-50 meV energy resolution has been realized, a 10-fold improvement over past post-column spectrometer designs. The first system has been installed on a 200 kV monochromated TEM at the Delft University of Technology. Total system energy resolution of sub-100 meV has been demonstrated. For a 1s exposure the resolution degraded to 110 meV as a result of noise. No further degradation in energy resolution was measured for exposures up to 1 min at 120 kV. Spectral resolution measurements, performed on the pi* peak of the BN K-edge, demonstrated a 350 meV (FWHM) peak width at 200 kV. This measure is predominantly determined by the natural line width of the BN K-edge.[1]


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