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Close linkage of the olfactory marker protein gene to the mouse deafness mutation shaker-1.

One thousand sixty-six progeny have been generated from a backcross segregating for the mouse deafness mutation, shaker-1 (sh-1). One thousand fifty-two mice were analyzed for a protein polymorphism segregating for the distal flanking marker, beta-globin (Hbb), and 13 recombinants between Hbb and sh-1 were identified. One thousand eight mice were analyzed for a restriction fragment length polymorphism segregating for the proximal flanking marker, tyrosinase (c), and 54 recombinants between c and sh-1 were identified, completing a panel of 67 recombinant mice from the backcross in the vicinity of the sh-1 mutation. This panel allows the identification of markers closely linked to the sh-1 mutation that may act as start points for a chromosomal walk to the gene. One such marker, the olfactory marker protein gene (Omp), is recombinant with sh-1 in only one mouse from the recombinant panel. Thus, the Omp gene lies 0.1 cM from sh-1, on average, a distance of 200 kb. Haplotype analysis indicates that Omp lies proximal to sh-1.[1]


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