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Effects of McN-A-343 on insect neurosecretory cells: evidence for muscarinic-like receptor subtypes.

The muscarinic agonist McN-A-343 has been used to characterize the muscarinic receptors on somata of adult cockroach dorsal unpaired median (DUM) neurones maintained in short-term culture. Pressure application of McN-A-343 onto isolated DUM neurones induced a dose- and voltage-dependent biphasic response composed of a fast initial hyperpolarization followed by a slow depolarizing phase, recorded with the patch-clamp technique in the whole-cell recording configuration. The fast hyperpolarization reversed at an extrapolated potential value of -91.04 mV and was fully antagonized by the M2 muscarinic antagonist methoctramine. The slow depolarizing component reversed at an extrapolated value of -28.33 mV and was inhibited by the M1 muscarinic antagonist pirenzepine. These results demonstrate both a specific effect for McN-A-343 on DUM neurones and the existence of two functionally distinct muscarinic-like receptor subtypes governing this McN-A-343-induced biphasic response.[1]


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