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Targeting activity is required for SWI/SNF function in vivo and is accomplished through two partially redundant activator-interaction domains.

The SWI/SNF complex is required for the expression of many yeast genes. Previous studies have implicated DNA binding transcription activators in targeting SWI/SNF to UASs and promoters. To determine how activators interact with the complex and to examine the importance of these interactions, relative to other potential targeting mechanisms, for SWI/SNF function, we sought to identify and mutate the activator-interaction domains in the complex. Here we show that the N-terminal domain of Snf5 and the second quarter of Swi1 are sites of activation domain contact. Deletion of both of these domains left the SWI/SNF complex intact but impaired its ability to bind activation domains. Importantly, while deletion of either domain alone had minor phenotypic effect, deletion of both resulted in strong SWI/SNF related phenotypes. Thus, two distinct activator-interaction domains play overlapping roles in the targeting activity of SWI/SNF, which is essential for its function in vivo.[1]


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