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Peroxynitrite scavenging activity of lithospermate B from Salvia miltiorrhiza.

Peroxynitrite (ONOO-) is produced by the reaction of superoxide (O2-) with nitric oxide. ONOO- damages proteins through nitration or oxidation. For protection from ONOO- induced protein modifications, ONOO- scavengers should be supplemented. Evidence was obtained that lithospermate B extracted from Salvia miltiorrhiza showed the strongest scavenging activity among its constituents. Its ONOO- scavenging activity is via an electron donation mechanism. A dihydroxyl group and a double bond seem to be essential structure requirements. The data from the experiments further confirmed a protective effect of lithospermate B on bovine serum albumin and low-density lipoprotein against ONOO-. This study demonstrated that lithospermate B with hydroxyl groups and double bonds exerts an anti-nitration effect by scavenging ONOO-.[1]


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