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The association of the exon 4 variations of Tim-1 gene with allergic diseases in a Korean population.

The family of T-cell immunoglobulin domain and mucin domain (TIM) proteins is identified to be expressed on T cells. A member of Tim family, TIM-1, is considered as a membrane protein that is associated with the development of Th2 biased immune responses and may be selectively expressed on Th2 cells. In the present study, we analyzed the association of allele and genotype frequencies between asthma or atopy patients and the controls without asthma and atopy using large sample size at 5383_5397del and 5509_5511delCAA variations of Tim-1 gene. Although the allele frequency of 5509_5511delCAA variation in asthma was not significantly different (P=0.085), the genotype of 5509_5511delCAA variation in asthma was significantly associated with the susceptibility to asthma (P=0.037). The genotype and allele frequencies of 5383_5397del variation in atopic dermatitis were significantly different from those in the non-asthmatic and non-atopic controls (P=0.005 and P=0.002, respectively). Our results strongly suggest that the 5383_5397del variation site of Tim-1 exon 4 might be associated with atopic dermatitis susceptibility.[1]


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