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Development of a multi-channel exploratory battery for psychophysiological assessment: the Stress Profile.

OBJECTIVE: As the expanding field of psychophysiology is currently demanding applied methodologies to be used in the clinic, this study aimed to develop a practical multi-channel exploratory battery for psychophysiological evaluation of stress (the Psychophysiological Stress Profile; PSP). The PSP records 6 psychophysiological variables and it is designed to be mainly used in the daily clinic. Moreover, the PSP was intended to be 'the method' to obtain normative and individual psychophysiological patterns, providing relevant information for the therapeutic process. METHODS: Two hundred and three subjects were evaluated with the PSP in two different contexts: the natural environment and the laboratory. Factorial analysis was applied to obtain psychophysiological profiles. These profiles are based on the covariation among different system responses. The Burt and Tucker Congruence Coefficient was used to compare factorial structures. RESULTS: A 3-factor structure was obtained in both contexts, Congruence Coefficient indicates that these factorial structures are very similar, indicating the existence of a unique and consistent psychophysiological pattern that characterizes the sample. CONCLUSIONS: The identified factorial structure shows relevant activation patterns, offering a comprehensive view of the subject's functioning. The structure is consistent through samples and can be considered as normative data for the studied population. PSP has turned out to be a quick and easy-to-use psychophysiological battery that has shown adequate internal consistency for all the recorded variables. In this way, the PSP methodology shows its practical value and usefulness in the assessment process.[1]


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