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  • 2000 SPR Award for distinguished contributions to psychophysiology [16].
  • The continuing problem of false positives in repeated measures ANOVA in psychophysiology: a multivariate solution [17].
  • A model of pupillary control systems (Steinhauer S.R. , Hakerem G., 1992. The pupillary response in cognitive psychophysiology and schizophrenia. Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 658, 182-204) had predicted that ongoing cognitive activation should result in inhibition of the light reaction at the level of the oculomotor nucleus, n [18].
  • In psychophysiology, critical flicker frequency decreased more under SOM than LOR [19].
  • Effects of such advance information on late stages of RT have been demonstrated recently by Osman, Moore, and Ulrich (Acta Psychol. 90 (1995) 111), Leuthold, Sommer, and Ulrich (J. Exp. Psychol: Gen. 125 (1996) 307), Müller-Gethmann, Rinkenauer, Stahl, and Ulrich (Psychophysiology 37 (2000) 507) [20].

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