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Evolving out of violence: an application of the Transtheoretical Model of Behavioral Change.

Ending violent relationships can be a difficult and lengthy process. Women use a variety of coping activities, with change generally proceeding in a non-linear direction. Nurses may not recognize this behavior pattern and may expect more from a woman experiencing violence than she is currently able or willing to achieve, thereby hampering change. Studying behavioral patterns of change by women experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV) was explored through the stages and processes of change conceptually defined within the Transtheoretical Model (TTM). Using a Delphi technique, the TTM was tested with four White, professional women reporting past IPV. Original stages and processes of change were reviewed and modified to fit the woman's experience. Research findings supported the TTM as a useful guide to alert health care professionals of the readiness level of women experiencing IPV and determine effective interventions.[1]


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