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 Bai,  Yan,  

Viscosity B-coefficients and activation parameters for viscous flow of a solution of heptanedioic acid in aqueous sucrose solution.

Viscosity and density data for the system of heptanedioic acid dissolved in aqueous sucrose solution at temperature range from 288.15 to 313.15 K have been measured. The viscosity B-coefficients for heptanedioic acid in aqueous sucrose solution has been calculated. The effect of temperature and sucrose concentration on the B-coefficients is discussed. On the basis of the Feakins equation, the activation parameters (Deltamu3++, DeltaH3++, DeltaS3++, DeltaG12(0)++, DeltaH12(0)++ and DeltaS12(0)++) for viscous flow of the solution have been evaluated, together with the Gibbs energy of transfer for the solute from the ground state solvent to the hypothetical viscous transition state solvent (DeltaG3++(1-1')). The effect of sucrose concentration and temperature on the activation parameters has been discussed.[1]


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