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Assessment of the gene content of the chromosomal regions flanking bovine DGAT1.

As a first step towards verifying the candidate status of DGAT1 as the causal gene for milk fat percentage in cattle, we constructed a bovine BAC contig spanning 576 kb of the chromosomal region containing DGAT1. High content of NotI sites (21 within the contig) indicated that the region is gene-rich. Twenty-three genes neighboring DGAT1 were mapped, including two bovine cDNA sequences that have no orthologous sequences within the NCBI sequence databases. On average, 2015 bp for each of the 23 neighboring genes were sequenced and entered into EMBL. Likewise, 10 new STS markers were established by BAC-end sequencing. Within the genes and STS markers, 55 polymorphisms were discovered. These will form the basis of future linkage disequilibrium studies to test whether any genes neighboring DGAT1 are associated with variation in milk fat percentage, thereby testing the candidate status of DGAT1.[1]


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