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Peters' anomaly and combination with other malformations (series of 16 patients).

A series of 15 patients with Peters' anomaly observed from 1987-1991 and a patient showing Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome were studied retrospectively. Combined ocular anomalies were: microphthalmos (9x), myopia (4x), aniridia (2x), cataract (2x). Five of the patients had combined general anomalies: mental retardation, deafness, cardiac malformation ( ASD II), and luxatio coxae. In two of them chromosomal anomalies were found: 4p minus syndrome, mosaic trisomy 9. After comparison of these data with those known from the literature the author confirms that Peters' anomaly is a morphologic finding rather than a distinct entity. Treatment depends on individual histopathologic findings and on the psychophysical development of the child.[1]


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