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Diagnostic difficulties with common SURF1 mutations in patients with cytochrome oxidase-deficient Leigh syndrome.

In three unrelated patients with systemic cytochrome oxidase deficiency resulting from mutations in the SURF1 gene, the same mutation in the splice donor site of intron 3 was identified. All three patients were compound heterozygotes, two for the common insertion/deletion mutation in exon 4. In all three cases, complete definition of the causative mutations was only resolved by combined analysis of cDNA and genomic DNA. Several factors were identified that contributed to the diagnostic difficulties: preferential amplification of deleted cDNA, significant formation of heteroduplexes in cDNA PCR amplification and unequal representation of heterozygous peaks in genomic DNA sequences. These patients emphasize the need to perform mutation analysis on both cDNA and genomic DNA wherever possible.[1]


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