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Medical students taking the role of the mother in paediatric interview evaluation.

BACKGROUND: Medical students develop the skills required to interview parents and children through practice and by receiving feedback. Parental perceptions of medical student skills in child health interviews can be used to enhance student learning. OBJECTIVES: To integrate maternal perspectives of medical student interviews into student learning, and to compare student and maternal evaluations of simulated medical student interviews. METHODS: A sample of 45 medical students viewed 2 standardised videotapes in which a 'medical student' interviewed the mother of a sick child. The videotapes demonstrated contrasting levels of 'student' clinical competence and patient-centeredness. After each interview students were asked to rate their satisfaction and recall of information as if they were the mother in the interview. Student satisfaction was measured using the Interpersonal Skills Rating Scale ( IPS). Recall of interview information was assessed by questionnaire, with student answers coded independently before analysis. Following both videotapes, students reviewed transcripts of the interviews and discussed their evaluations. Student responses were compared with maternal satisfaction and recall responses after viewing of the same videotapes. RESULTS: Student IPS ratings were higher following the high clinical competence, high patient-centred interview (P < 0.0001). Student recall of specific information was greater for some items following the high clinical competence, high patient-centred interview, but was lower for others. Maternal and student satisfaction and recall were similar following the 2 interviews. CONCLUSION: Students and mothers agreed on the qualities of a successful interview. Experiencing an interview through the 'eyes' of a mother provided students with valuable insights regarding interview skills.[1]


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