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Purification of a novel B cell growth and differentiation factor associated with lupus syndrome.

We have previously reported that KML1-7 cells cloned from a lupus-prone MRL/l mice produced a soluble factor that preferentially expanded anti-DNA antibody production across the H-2 barrier. We purified this factor, a 55-kDa protein that we termed nucleobindin ( Nuc). Nuc showed not only induction of anti-ssDNA IgG antibody in cultures of B cells from MRL/l mice (greater than 16 weeks old), but also growth activity. Furthermore, antibodies against existing cytokines have so far not been shown to block Nuc activity on these B cells. In view of the fact that Nuc did not boost anti-ssDNA IgG antibody production in cultures of spleen cells of comparable age from MRL/n mice, which develop a mild form of lupus after the age of one year, Nuc may act on pre-activated B cells to help IgG anti-DNA antibody production. Taken together, Nuc is a new kind of growth and differentiation factor associated with lupus syndrome.[1]


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