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Inactivation of C5a anaphylatoxin by a peptide that is complementary to a region of C5a.

PL37 (RAARISLGPRCIKAFTE) is an antisense homology box peptide composed of aa 37-53 of C5a-anaphylatoxin and is considered to be the region essential for C5a function. Using a computer program, we designed the complementary peptides ASGAPAPGPAGPLRPMF (Pep-A) and ASTAPARAGLPRLPKFF (Pep-B). Pep-A bound to PL37 and to C5a with very slow dissociation as determined by analysis using surface plasmon resonance, whereas Pep-B failed to bind at all. C5a was inactivated by concentrations of 7 nM or more of Pep-A, and this concentration of Pep-A inhibited induction of intracellular Ca(2+) influx in neutrophils. Patch clamp electrophysiology experiments also showed the effectiveness of Pep-A in C5aR-expressing neuroblastoma cells. Furthermore, Pep-A administration prevented rats from C5a- mediated rapid lethal shock induced by an Ab to a membrane inhibitor of complement after LPS sensitization.[1]


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