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The primary structure and tissue distribution of cathepsin C.

A cDNA for rat cathepsin C (dipeptidylaminopeptidase I) was isolated. The encoded protein is composed of the signal peptide of 28 residues, the propeptide of 201 residues and the mature enzyme region of 233 residues. The amino acid sequence of the mature enzyme region has 39.5 to 30.5% identity to other papain family proteinases. Cathepsin C is, therefore, belongs to papain family, although its propeptide region is much longer than those of other cysteine proteinases and show no significant sequence similarity to any other cysteine proteinase. The mRNA and protein for cathepsin C are broadly distributed in rat tissues, but the relative proportions of cathepsin C and other cysteine proteinases are found to vary from tissue to tissue.[1]


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