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Human cathepsin F: expression in baculovirus system, characterization and inhibition by protein inhibitors.

Recombinant full-length human procathepsin F, produced in the baculovirus expression system, was partially processed during the purification procedure to a form lacking the N-terminal cystatin-like domain and activated with pepsin. Active cathepsin F efficiently hydrolyzed Z-FR-MCA (kcat/Km=106 mM(-1) s(-1)) and Bz-FVR-MCA (kcat/Km=8 mM(-1) s(-1)), whereas hydrolysis of Z-RR-MCA was very slow (kcat/Km<0.2 mM(-1) s(-1)). Cathepsin F was rapidly and tightly inhibited by cystatin C, chicken cystatin and equistatin with Ki values in the subnanomolar range (0.03-0.47 nM), whereas L-kininogen was a less strong inhibitor of the enzyme (Ki=4.7 nM). Stefin A inhibited cathepsin F slowly (kass=1.6 x 10(5) M(-1) s(-1)) and with a lower affinity (Ki=25 nM). These data suggest that cathepsin F differs from other related endopeptidases by considerably weaker inhibition by stefins.[1]


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