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Changes in soluble carbohydrates and related enzymes induced by low temperature during early developmental stages of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) seedlings.

Low temperature represents one of the principal limitations in species distribution and crop productivity. Responses to chilling include the accumulation of simple carbohydrates and changes in enzymes involved in their metabolism. Soluble carbohydrate levels and invertase, sucrose synthase (SS), sucrose-6-phosphate synthase ( SPS) and alpha-amylase activities were analysed in cotyledons and embryonic axes of quinoa seedlings grown at 5 degrees C and 25 degrees C in the dark. Significant differences in enzyme activities and carbohydrate levels were observed. Sucrose content in cotyledons was found to be similar in both treatments, while in embryonic axes there were differences. Invertase activity was the most sensitive to temperature in both organs; however, SS and SPS activities appear to be less stress-sensitive. Results suggest that 1) metabolism in germinating perispermic seeds would be different from endospermic seeds, 2) sucrose futile cycles would be operating in cotyledons, but not in embryonic axes of quinoa seedlings under our experimental conditions, 3) low temperature might induce different regulatory mechanisms on invertase, SS and SPS enzymes in both cotyledons and embryonic axes of quinoa seedlings, and 4) low temperature rather than water uptake would be mainly responsible for the changes observed in carbohydrate and related enzyme activities.[1]


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