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Electroanalytical determination and fractionation of copper in wine.

Eight different bottled wines (six red wines and two white ones) were studied for copper determination and fractionation. For this purpose, copper determination by square wave voltammetry (SWV) and potentiometry ( PSA) stripping analysis using Hg electrodes (drop and film, respectively) were carried out. Two direct procedures for the determination of total copper in wine are proposed; in both cases, drastic treatment of samples is not necessary, the procedures are very fast (estimated time to carry out an analysis is <10 min) and require no deaeration. Fractionating treatment consists of various HCl additions followed by the addition of ethylenediamine. Precision (RSD < 3%) and accuracy (recovery > 98%) data justify that both methods proposed are valid for total copper determination in wine. The wines studied displayed similar behaviors regarding fractionation: the percentages of total copper fractionated in each step are statistically similar: differences are lower than 2 S.[1]


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