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Role for PP2A in ARF signaling to p53.

Activation of the ARF-p53 tumor suppressor pathway is one of the cell's major defense mechanisms against cancer induced by oncogenes. The ARF-p53 pathway is dysfunctional in a high proportion of human cancers. The regulation of the ARF-p53 signaling pathway has not yet been well characterized. In this study polyoma virus (Py) is used as a tool to better define the ARF-p53 signaling pathway. Py middle T-antigen (PyMT) induces ARF, which consequently up-regulates p53. We show that Py small T-antigen (PyST) blocks ARF- mediated activation of p53. This inhibition requires the small T-antigen PP2A-interacting domain. Our results reveal a previously unrecognized role of PP2A in the modulation of the ARF-p53 tumor suppressor pathway.[1]


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