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Treatment of motion sickness in parabolic flight with buccal scopolamine.

Treatment of acute motion sickness induced by parabolic flight with a preparation of scopolamine placed in the buccal pouch was investigated. Twenty-one subjects flew aboard a KC-135 aircraft operated by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) which performed parabolic maneuvers resulting in periods of 0-g, 1-g, and 1.8-g. Each subject flew once with a tablet containing scopolamine and once with a placebo in a random order, crossover design. Signs and symptoms of motion sickness were systematically recorded during each parabola by an investigator who was blind to the content of the tablet. Compared with flights using placebo, flights with buccal scopolamine resulted in significantly lower scores for nausea (31%-35% reduction) and vomiting (50% reduction in number of parabolas with vomiting). Side effects of the drug during flight were negligible. We conclude that buccal scopolamine is more effective than a placebo in treating ongoing motion sickness.[1]


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