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Transcription, translation, and immunolocalization of ODVP-6E/ODV-E56 and p74 proteins: two highly conserved ODV-associated envelope proteins of Choristoneura fumiferana Granulovirus.

Choristoneura fumiferana granulovirus (ChfuGV) infection results two types of enveloped virions: Occlusion-derived virus (ODV) and budded virus (BV). Structural proteins ODVP-6E/ODV-E56 and p74 are two major conserved ODV-associated proteins that may be involved in the initiation of viral infection cycle in susceptible host insect larvae. This study presents the characterization of ChfuGV odvp-6e/odv-e56 and p74 transcription and translation as well as immunolocalization of these proteins in the occluded ChfuGV virion. Our results revealed that the transcription of odvp-6e/odv-e56 and p74 genes, both, start at 24 hours post infection (h p.i.). Using monospecific polyclonal antibodies made against ODVP-6E/ODV-E56 and p74 we demonstrated that these proteins are both expressed late in infection (24 h p.i.). Immunogold labeling using antisera against ODVP-6E/ODV-E56 and p74 proteins demonstrated that ODVP-6E/ODV-E56 and p74 proteins are both associated with the ODV envelop of ChfuGV.[1]


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