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Communication about sexual problems in male patients with multiple sclerosis.

AIM: To explore the reasons given by a disability, assessment and rehabilitation team (DART) for perceived difficulties in discussing sexual problems with male patients with multiple sclerosis ( MS), and to compare them with the views of a sample of patients. METHOD: Data were gathered from a multidisciplinary team who were responsible for assessment and rehabilitation of patients with MS, using a focus group and semi-structured interviews with 11 male patients. Data were analysed thematically, with reference to Annon's (1976) model of communication. FINDINGS: Patients felt a need to discuss problems with sexual dysfunction, and would welcome the introduction of the topic in a straightforward way. Health professionals were worried about intrusiveness and lack of information and training. Team members and the patients indicated that nurses are the best people to deal with these issues. CONCLUSION: Rehabilitation teams need training to deal with patients' sexual problems, and the nurse is likely to be identified as the specialist in this area.[1]


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