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Pressure injection on a valved microdevice for electrophoretic analysis of submicroliter samples.

A recent report describes a reversible valve that can be used in series to achieve diaphragm pumping on chip (Grover, W. H.; Skelley, A. M.; Liu, C. N.; Lagally, E. T.; and Mathies, R. A. Sens. Actuators, B 2003, 89, 315-323). Here, the functionality of an integrated diaphragm pump on a hybrid PDMS-glass microchip to perform pressure injections for electrophoretic separations is demonstrated. A chip design that can perform both pressure and electrokinetic (EK) injection is described, and a mixture of fluorescein and ROX dyes in borate buffer is utilized as a model sample system. Multiple electrophoretic separations of sample injected with pressure and voltage are compared. Over multiple EK injections, an electrophoretic bias is observed and the injected analytes are not representative of the sample, with the peak area ratio changing 20% after 20 runs. Over multiple pressure injections, however, the sample composition is maintained, with a 3.6% CV over 20 runs. The data presented show the ability to alternate between injection types and pressure-inject a representative sample volume after a bias has already been observed with multiple EK injections. Multiple pressure injections have been performed on sample volumes as low as 500 nL while maintaining sample composition, supporting its use in integrated systems for small-volume sampling.[1]


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